Lorena Cofradia

Based in Mexico City, Lorena is a proven communication professional who has put her skills to work in the creative and multimedia industry, as well as into social issues that have a direct effect on the lives of women. Her career has extended into audiovisual production, photography, advertising and as an art director – from Conde Nast to GQ, but Lorena continues to work in projects that promote art, design and cultural issues that have a direct impact on society. Lorena is the best of communication marketers, one who understands both the commercial aspect of art and the need for all artforms to find their home and develop. She has developed several projects in the multimedia arena, as well as developing different BTL advertising campaigns for such major global brands as Sephora, Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma, Danone, Bridgestone and many more. Lorena has worked as a photographer in Donde Ir, as well as in different international festivals such as Madrid Fusión, Digital Media LATAM for WAN-IFRA and as a stage producer in Pickathon, Portland. As an art director she has worked at Victor Trani Studio for Glamour, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, among others. With a unique understanding of media and culture, Lorena also created a film club in Mexico city. Lorena’s passion and love for art, social justice, media, film, advertising creates a deep understanding on how to best position her clients, while not ignoring the importance of the artists point of view.