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Fly Me to the Moon

The space race is back in the peppy, bouncy 'Fly Me to the Moon', but a sparky face-off between NASA launch director Channing Tatum and marketing wizard Scarlett Johansson can't disguise an outdated feeling.



Karlovy Vary 2024


Karlovy Vary 2024: The Awards

Karlovy Vary's two big standouts when awards were handed out Saturday night were 'A Sudden Glimpse to Deeper Things' directed by prolific Irish documentarian Mark Cousins and Lilja Ingolfsdottir's Norwegian drama 'Loveable' (Elskling).

Verdict Shorts


Pirates of the Mediterranean

The historical documentary Pirates of the Mediterranean combines an operation to uncover a 16th century shipwreck with re-enactment and talking heads to explore an overlooked element of Europe’s past.

Mediterrane 2024


Mediterrane 2024: The Awards

Turkish auteur Zeki Demirkubuz's 'Life' ('Hayat') with its caustic social critique and a quietly angry feminist message won the top prize at the second edition of the Mediterrane Film Festival.

Cannes 2024



Tawfik Alzaidi’s classically narrated, slow-burn drama 'Norah' is a tribute to art and artists in socially conservative societies like 1990s Saudi Arabia.

Cine Verdict


CineVerdict: Emilia Pérez

Selena Gomez y Zoe Saldaña presumen sus habilidades de canto y baile en el audaz thriller musical mexicano de Jacques Audiard, una lujuriosa celebración de lo queer multicultural y la redención del transgénero.